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Thu, Nov 19th, 2020

Business Update - Autumn 2020

With the summer behind us and further Covid-19 restrictions imposed on our day to day lives, I thought it would be a good time to update our vendors and clients on how the real estate market in this area is performing.

When we first came out of full lockdown back in May/June, business was steady and as travel restrictions were lifted there was a strong stream of potential buyers coming from outside Spain, keen to push forward with their plans of purchasing a place in the sun.

Unfortunately, July brought with it, new travel restrictions, with the UK imposing 14-day quarantine on people returning from Spain. This, in addition to reduced flying schedules, of course had an effect on the number of enquiries from external buyers with people unable to take the extra time off work following a visit to Spain to view properties. 

Despite this setback, we continued to arrange viewings with clients who were already in situ, people who were renting here while looking to buy and people who had sold up and were actively looking for another property.

Since the end of the spring lockdown we have completed on an encouraging number of sales and have numerous others scheduled to go to notary prior to the Christmas holiday break.

Since November 9, further restrictions have been imposed throughout Spain and although we have not, so far, been forced to work from home, the mobility restrictions mean that although our team members are permitted to cross municipal borders to show properties, our clients are not, which restricts us to showing Mojacar properties to people currently residing in Mojacar.

In the meantime, we remain in touch with people on our extensive database, updating them with new property listings and ensuring they know what properties are available for when they are eventually able to travel to Spain to continue their search. We have arranged a number of virtual video viewings, utilising technology in order to continue getting your property seen by potential buyers.

We remain positive that 2021 will bring a fresh start and we will be ready to leap into action after the holiday break as hopefully restrictions begin to ease and we can get on with what we do best, selling properties and offering a great service to our vendors and purchasers.

With this in mind we are keen to get new listings in place ready for the new year. If you are thinking of selling your property, contact us now so we can have everything in place and tempt any potential buyers via our online marketing.  If you are not currently in Spain but have someone holding keys we can still visit your property to give you a valuation, take photos and liaise with you by email until you are able to return.

We hope all our property owners are keeping safe and we hope to be in touch with you soon.

Contact us on 950 475 800 or 677 475 068 or email


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