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Tue, Jul 7th, 2020

Top tips for getting your house SOLD

In today's competitive market it's more important than ever to make your property stand out from the rest.  Whether you are selling a bijou apartment or a sprawling villa, your property should be presented in a way that buyers can't help but want to make that all important offer!

Location, location may be the buzz phrase but a poorly presented property in an amazing location will continue to get overlooked while neighbouring homes are changing hands and their owners moving on with their lives.

Kerb appeal, is another real estate cliche but it really does matter, the approach to your front door is the first impression a potential buyer will get of your property, make sure the entrance and frontage looks welcoming - a flaking, dusty front door and dead plants are not gong to inspire anyone. 
Ensure the outside walls are freshly painted and if you have a garden area make sure it is well groomed. If you live on a complex the the paintwork of course is not your responsibility but do everything else within your capabilities to ensure a fresh, welcoming approach.

If your property is your home, chances are you have accumulated lots of 'stuff' over the years.  While there's nothing wrong with a few nik naks, try to declutter and depersonalise the property.  You will hopefully soon be packing things away anyway, so why not get started now!  You may love your children, pets, grandchildren etc but pack the dozens of framed photos away and allow potential buyers to imagine it as their own home. 

Take some time to get those DIY jobs done, fix any broken electric sockets or cracked switches, get some bleach or agua fuerte on that stained grout and make sure all lamps and lights have working bulbs. Check that your appliances are all in working order including any air conditioning units, many buyers will insist on checking that these things work.

Once you have your property listed with an agent it's time to give it a thorough clean. Freshen up any curtains and voiles, sofa throws and cushions and pack away or clean any rugs. Ceiling fans are notorious for gathering dust so look up and make sure they don't get missed. Remember, first impressions count so now's the time to impress those buyers as soon as they walk though the door!

Cooking smells, stale smoke, pet smells or musty damp smells are instant turn-offs for buyers, give fido a bath, treat yourself to your favourite fish dish in a restaurant rather than cooking it at home, go outside for a puff and buy some lightly fragranced plug-ins to ensure your property smells fresh and clean.

Be prepared!  An agent will want to get a potential buyer into your property as soon as they make an enquiry.  While we always try to give as much notice as possible it is good to get into the practice of making your bed, keeping the bathrooms, kitchen and windows clean and generally keeping the property looking fabulous as a matter of habit so it is always ready for those spontaneous viewings! And a personal bug-bear...put the damn toilet lids down!!

Get creative!  Don't be afraid of going over the top, why not consider dressing the dining table as though you were hosting a sophisticated dinner party, or in summer the months, the terrace table would work too.  If you have sun loungers, drape fresh colourful towels over them so your guests can envisage the fabulous lifestyle offered by your property. 
Even in daylight, turn on lamps and lights and make sure all the shutters are open to allow as much light in as possible.

Give us some space!  A small apartment can easily get overcrowded with buyers and agent wandering around so it has always been our preference for property vendors to go out for a while and leave us to it.  In these days of COVID19 this is now actually a requirement, even if you just wait outside while we show your property.  It is also a requirement for our clients and team members to wear masks and to avoid touching surfaces in a property so don't worry, your home is in safe hands.

If all these recommendations seem a little daunting, why not consider using the services of a 'home stager' or 'house doctor'.  Many of these talented individuals can offer different levels of service and some even include the loan of soft furnishings and decorations, chosen to bring out the best in your property.  Ask us for more information.

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