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Wed, May 27th, 2020

Upturn in property market

Real estate agents on Spain's costas are reporting a resurgence in property sales.  Following the crisis in the mid-2000s sales slumped and prices dropped.  While the market condition is nothing compared to the 'boom years' it appears that buyers are starting to flock back to invest in Spanish property.

British buyers make up the larger proportion of those showing a renewed interst in Spain but other nationalities including Belgian, French and Norwegians are snapping up properties at great prices.

A number of factors are helping to revitalise the market, a strong Sterling to Euro means buyers are getting more for their pound, the surprising result of the recent UK general election and property prices back to a sensible level all play a part.

According to experts, prices on the Costas or in areas popular with foreign buyers have reached the lowest they will go, so the only way is up.  Anyone thinking of buying a property in Spain, the time is right.


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