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Upturn in property market

25th May 2015

Real estate agents on Spain's costas are reporting a resurgence in property sales.  Following the crisis in the mid-2000s sales slumped and prices dropped.  While the market condition is nothing compared to the 'boom years' it appears that buyers are starting to flock back to invest in Spanish property.

British buyers make up the larger proportion of those showing a renewed interst in Spain but other nationalities including Belgian, French and Norwegians are snapping up properties at great prices.

A number of factors are helping to revitalise the market, a strong Sterling to Euro means buyers are getting more for their pound, the surprising result of the recent UK general election and property prices back to a sensible level all play a part.

According to experts, prices on the Costas or in areas popular with foreign buyers have reached the lowest they will go, so the only way is up.  Anyone thinking of buying a property in Spain, the time is right.

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Investing in Spain just got better

23rd Jan 2015

Euro hits new high against Sterling going over 1.33 to the pound !! - The European Central Bank yesterday unleashed a 1.1 trillion euro Quantitative Easing plan to stimulate the Eurozone economy and boost inflation.

The plan is that this will help to boost exports and inflation across the Eurozone, as investors and importers outside the Eurozone take advantage of the exchange rate. This will provide a further boost to the Spanish property market as the buying power and budget of British buyers continues to increase making potential Spanish property investments cheaper.

Approximately 12 months ago 100,000 sterling would buy you 113,000 euros. Today 100,000 sterling would buy you 133,000 euros ! From a sterling buyers perspective, property prices dropped additional 20% in the last 12 months with this exchange rate change. (Information provided by our Currency Exchange partner at Currencies Direct and rates quoted are interbank rates).

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Foreign residents could be no-shows at the polls in 2015

15th Jan 2015

Foreign residents could be no-shows at the polls in 2015

A lack of expat voters could be a factor in the upcoming local elections in Spain.

According to research undertaken by this newspaper 80 per cent of expats surveyed said they were unlikely to vote in the local elections in May next year.

According to the Costa Almeria News, those people who said they were not likely to vote, the main reason was lack of knowledge about the various political parties and what their policies were.

A number of those surveyed, said they did not think councillors were visible enough and felt they came across as inaccessible or unapproachable.

Expats in Mojacar were more positive about political parties in the town, with a number of party representatives speaking other languages apart from Spanish.

Business owners in particular said they planned to cast their vote next May, with one restaurant owner, who declined to be named, saying:  "How can we expect anything to change if we do take part in the process, people have no right to complain about things that happen in the town if they do not participate in the electoral process."

Jessica Simpson, leader of Mojacar Positiva Se Mueve (MPSM) and part of recently formed coalition 'Ganemos Mojacar' said:  "The expat vote is vitally important to the electoral process, expats make up a large part of the population and their vote really counts."  She went on:  "I understand the voting process may seem daunting to expats and MPSM representatives are always on hand to answer any questions."

Another Mojacar opposition party with an expat councillor is Unión Mojaquero (UM), Lucas Mayo said:  "We value the expat vote, I know many people from the foreign community personally."  He added:  "We (UM) have a new office in the Parque Comercial and we welcome anybody to pop in and meet us."

Both councillors explained how easy it is to register on the electoral role, a brief visit to the local town hall with the correct paperwork should ensure expats their right to vote.

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